FALSETTO BOY - People Crying in Cars (2XCD)

FALSETTO BOY - People Crying in Cars (2XCD)

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Falsetto Boy is the songwriting project of Jim Fitzpatrick. Established in 2004. From Saint Louis, located in Denver. Jim has many projects and credits to his name and Falsetto Boy is the home for his more introspective work that doesn’t fit within the confines of a band. It’s part singer/songwriter and part bedroom project, which allows Jim to flesh out the songs however he sees fit with no deadlines but the ones he imposes on himself. “People Crying In Cars” is the culmination of 4 years of chipping away at ideas and collaborations expressing a dark time in Jim’s life. Jim wasn’t sure any of it would even see the light of day, but SLN is the kind of place that always leaves the shades partly drawn so friends can find their way.



01. Cemetery Sunday
02. Clearing’s Light
03. Ecclesiastes
04. Tall House
05. Some Day
06. Rabbit Hole
07. Living Room Song
08. People Crying in Cars
09. New Hires
10. The Old Road Commune
11. You are the Highway
12. Tree House
13. Stuck on the Moon
14. Birds in the Garden
15. Blooming Flowers, Falling Leaves
16. Behind the Clouds
17. Wading Through with Smiles
18. One Thousand Pounds of Snow
19. Webster Groves
20. Hungry Ghost

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