GIANT PEACH - But You Made Me Such a Beautiful Thing (LP)

GIANT PEACH - But You Made Me Such a Beautiful Thing (LP)

Dead Broke Rekerds

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Brooklyn, NY (by way of Long Island) shoegaze indie/rock/grunge/pop band's finest work yet. Follow-up to their last album, "Tarantula" on Don Giovanni Records. "New York's Giant Peach are set to release their sophomore album, But You Made Me Such A Beautiful Thing, this June via Dead Broke Records, a record that makes more than a few changes to the sound of their Don Giovanni released debut. While their previous work opted for an indie punk sound, their latest album offers a scenic approach to their sonic splendor, open and sprawling over the course of a warm and meditative hour. There's a ton of detail and nuance, with the band exploring their surroundings and using the studio to push new territory previously unexplored."-Post trash

Comes with download. Includes full-color mini-poster lyric insert. *Digital download includes 2 exclusive bonus tracks!



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