GLAZER - On a Prairie, Live in the Dirt (LP)

GLAZER - On a Prairie, Live in the Dirt (LP)

State Champion Records

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Blending components of post-pop and hard-grunge, the New Brunswick quartet presents a collection of 10 tracks that run the gamut of unexpected guitar rock. Recorded over the course of 8 months, the album was engineered by guitarist and singer Phil Connor. Located in the industrial part of the city is Phil Connor’s sound space, In The West, which has been the integral hub of New Brunswick’s DIY musical landscape since 2015. After many late night sessions, the weathered outfit has assembled a wholly original selection of songs full of dueling solos, pounding rhythms, and unassuming melodies. Drawing from an array of experiences and influences, Glazer has strived to compose music that is not only ambitious in form, but thoughtful, powerful, and driving in execution.


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