GUEST DIRECTORS - Interference Patterns (LP)

GUEST DIRECTORS - Interference Patterns (LP)

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Jazzmasters drenched in reverb. Post-shoegaze rock, dream pop, power pop and noise. Bluesy, dreamy, shreddy, psychedelic. Featuring former members of TAD and Chinchilla, Seattle’s Guest Directors reflect a multitude of emotional and musical pathways. On their new LP, Interference Patterns, the songs spiral one after another - sometimes powerful and sometimes delicate. They can sound like snowflakes and hail storms, sometimes in the same song.


01. From This Distance
02. Perfect Picture
03. Raise A Glass
04. Blackout Dream Blues
05. Skinless
06. Nico
07. Laser Hands
08. Stare It Down
09. You’ll Never Know


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