HARD-ONS - Peel Me Like A Egg (LP)

HARD-ONS - Peel Me Like A Egg (LP)

Wallride Records

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Craving the latest from Australia's monolithic masters of heavy rock but don't feel like paying the shipping rates from the opposite end of the planet? Wondering what your friends with superior taste, smarts, and looks are gushing over whenever someone brings up the Hard-Ons, but are daunted by the legendary act's massive musical output and don't know where to start? Well, in either case, you're in luck, because Wallride's got what you need in the American release of Peel Me Like A Egg. Tracks featured present a barrage of oppressive distortion, thrashing rhythms, and mind bending technicality, all deftly laced with meat hook-esque pop sensibilities that only Blackie (vocals/guitar), Ray (bass), and Murray (drums) can bring.


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