HAT MADDER, THE - Rotting On the Vine (LP)

HAT MADDER, THE - Rotting On the Vine (LP)

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The Hat Madder describes itself as being a “trash can glam” band, with Isaac Vander Schuur – songwriter, lead vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist (but mostly guitar at live shows) – having ably led various incarnations of The Hat Madder to perform his compelling vision of demented pop music. Originally founded in Austin, Texas in 2004, Vander Schuur has since returned to his native Michigan and built The Hat Madder into one of the top groups in the region with their exciting live shows and intricately detailed recorded productions. The latest release Rotting On The Vine (2017) is the most full-band studio release to date with dense instrumentation and lush vocals provided by Vander Schuur’s bandmates. Currently joined by guitarist/ keyboardist Chris Baratono,  drummer John Miller, bassist Jared Talcott and multi-instrumentalist Nick Merz, Vander Schuur and The Hat Madder are already in the process of working their way into your ears and minds.



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