HEAVY COMFORTER - Castro Coming Down (LP)

HEAVY COMFORTER - Castro Coming Down (LP)

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Heavy Comforter is the solo project of William Johnson, ex- Future Virgins guitarist, among many other region rock greats. Featuring Jayson of Cloud Nothings & The Spits on drums. But this aint no acoustic record. High-energy and deep punk rock complete with intense personal anthems and chaotic melodies, one of our favorite records of the year. Chattanooga for the win, once again. Split label release w/ band (Grand Mal Food Court).



01. Castro Coming Down
02. Jung Creative
03. Linda
04. (I Hate) Interior Designers
05. Life Is Fiction
06. Shaun
07. Dthoua
08. Broken Brain
09. North Georgia Satellites
10. Where Nobody Goes
11. You’re Not Very Interesting
12. Networking
13. No One Gets Out
14. Sunnier World

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