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HITTER formed in the year of our Lemmy 2018 by four battle-scarred musicians of the Chicago DIY music scene. Under the influence of heavy metal, tequila, leather and ABBA, Hanna Hazard (vocals), Adam Luksetich (guitar), Ryan Wizniak (drums) and Madalyn Garcia (bass) have created their own unique brand of hard rock ’n’ roll. HITTER hopes to showcase it’s love for hook filled sing-along choruses, perfected by big haired arena rockers, and also the fast and loose riffs and screams of the punks and weirdos who dwell in mildewy basements.

Soon after forming, HITTER self-released it’s debut demo cassette and was playing shows locally with acts like A Giant Dog, Meat Puppets, Oozing Wound and Eyehategod, all while touring circles around the midwest. In the coming months, HITTER will enter Electrical Audio studios to record it’s debut long playing record with hopes of receiving global recognition, instant superstardom and millions of dollars. One things for sure, HITTER will always be barricading the exits, plugging in permanently and cranking all knobs to the right.

The debut release from Chicago hard rock heathens HITTER features 6 tracks, all filled with an overdose of pounding energy and excitement that'll leave you reaching for the Xanax once the needle finally slides into the dead wax. Recorded live in one 10 hour session to an 8-track Tascam cassette recorder by Taylor Hales (Electrical Audio), this mini-LP is a perfect introduction to the band with the best chance of bringing back the era of the Heavy Metal Parking Lot. (members of Meat Wave and Life Styles)




01. Betty
02. Disco 
03. Fool Around
04. Leatherbound 
05. Rock Show 
06. Born 2 Rock


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