HOOPER - Swim the Races Nobody Wants (LP)

HOOPER - Swim the Races Nobody Wants (LP)

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Swim the Races Nobody Wants” shows Denver, CO’s Hooper leaning further into their indie rock side while still retaining their trademark angular elements drawn from a host of 90’s post-hardcore influences. ‘Latitudes’ serves as an apt snapshot of the album as well as a triumphant cheer that Hooper is back in full force. It’s been 12 years since Hooper premiered on SLN and all they’ve managed to do is deliver their best material to date. Any band should be so lucky in their longevity and creativity! Thankfully, us Hooper fans are the luckiest of all.


01. Latitudes
02. List Of Don’ts
03. True West
04. Young Skin
05. Eastman, Requiem
06. Ticonderoga
07. The Bright Bend
08. Viral Dances
09. Good Grief
10. This Song Is Fake
11. Old Dog


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