HOWARDIAN - The Silly Shit You Say (LP)

HOWARDIAN - The Silly Shit You Say (LP)

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Howardian’s strange punk / hip hop collective energy has been getting sharper as the project progresses. Their 7th release in five years, The Silly Shit You Say, is simultaneously fresh and unique punk music. The producer Damion Gallegos (The Coup, Sorry to Bother You) at CHUb studio in Oakland, CA provides a wide groove for the collective to sparkle on. Mike Tucci, who mastered the album, cleaned and boosted the songs with his great ears. Somber pop punk tones underpin a large bottom end and synths wiggles blend with odd guitars. Ten songs that hang well as a group and a few singles you’ll never get outta yer head.

Howardian is an Olympia, New York & Chicago based collective fronted by Ian Vanek (xJapanther) with contributions from multiple friends & musicians. Howardian is thick with technical poly rhythms, sticky piano driven melodies, strange guitars and sly lyrics. The resulting Hip-Hop informed Punk songs move in a strange light.



01. On My Honor
02. Still Here 
03. Move Yer Butt
04. Different Dogs 
05. For the People 
06. Silly Shit 
07. Free Waitress 
08. Softball Python 
09. Missing Millions 
10. Blueberry Bush 


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