FOR SCIENCE - Way Out of Control (CD)

FOR SCIENCE - Way Out of Control (CD)

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Way Out Of Control couldn't be titled any better - this ep really is out of control! For Science have a style and a sound all their own. There isn't another band out there today that could be confused with them. With this release the band has taken their thrashy, poppy, catchy as all hell, maniacal at times, soulful at other times sound and added to the mix some serious emotional overload, a sweet duet or two, and even a little surf beat track! The songwriting has taken a good leap forward since their debut album. Everything that made Revenge For Hire so fun to listen and sing along to is still there, but there's a new added depth lyrically to a lot of these new songs that really hits deep in the heart and  the gut. The guitar work on this ep has a real bare bones bedroom shredder style to it. The drumming is top-notch on every track. The bass-lines are simple at the right times and up and down the fret board when they should be. The vocals are beyond compare. John Slover some the greatest screams, howls and wonderfully imperfect high notes in this game. Everything about this ep is perfect right down to the amazing artwork.



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