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MAXIES, THE - Greenland Is Melting (CD)

It's Alive Records

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The Maxies' debut album Greenland Is Melting was originally released a couple of years ago on CD only. It sold over 300,000 copies in Greenland which made it a number one seller nationally in their native home of Greenland. That says a lot considering most homes there don't have CD players in them and there are only 100,000 people living in that country. Go figure. But what Greenland does have in abundance is out of date, old timey technology like phonograph players. Now available for the first time as a phonograph record, Greenland Is Melting has been beefed up for the cold season (which really just means all year because it's always cold there, always) with four new tracks and a remastered remix of this Greenland classic. Pop punk power pop with more hook, more pop and more chop is the name of the game this time around. Lock up your daughters, and your sons (they don't discriminate or care). This one's a scorcher!



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