DARK/LIGHT - Tigers (12" EP) One-Sided

DARK/LIGHT - Tigers (12" EP) One-Sided

Jonny Cat Records

  • $10.00

It’s been a long time since I was nearly knocked on my ass from sheer surprise by a mystery record. Dark/Light are a Portland-based band who sound like they’re heavily influenced by early L.A. stuff like Suburban Lawns, Germs, Bags, and ‘80s TSOL. Their songs are dark and driving, with well-written melodic parts that complement steady hardcore, made slightly freaky with cool, springy riffage. I was legit sad when I flipped the record and it was a blank side, but the “Posers fuck off” label was worth the laugh. This EP is really fucking cool, highly recommend. –Candace Hansen, Razorcake



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