LADYHUMP - Drug Knife (CD)

LADYHUMP - Drug Knife (CD)

Water Under the Bridge Records

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This CD plays like a back alley knife fight between two monkeys fighting over a burrito, but in the end leaves you satisfied like the sailor who ignored the superstitious folklore and slept with the siren. Vinnie Vegas, Dee Evil, Wade with the Braid, and Candy Dahl multiply chainsaw punk rock three-chord melodies and bang skins like rocket scientists weaving nuclear baskets. Vinnie, vocally brings the quest for fire from the Neanderthal age into today’s dystopian reality, losing all filters of prudent decency and embraces the bad things that are bound to happen along the way — all this and still managing to make one last beer run before the liquor store closes. (LH)



01. Bad Things Happen
02. Drug Knife
03. Black Camaro
04. Song A 
05. Blues Before the Blues 
06. Frenemies 
07. The Witch and the Warlock
08. Cool Aid 
09. Penis Colada 
10. Disease Is the Cure 
11. All Over the Place 
12. Soulmate of Pain


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