LAFFING GAS - It's a Beautiful Day in the Gulch (CASS)

LAFFING GAS - It's a Beautiful Day in the Gulch (CASS)

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Nearly four years after delivering a handful of demos along with a live tape then seemingly dropping off the radar release wise, Bloomington's LAFFING GAS swing back at any and all credulous hardcore punk enthusiasts who might have forgotten about them or thought they'd just run their course and faded into obscurity as so many tend to do. It's a Beautiful Day in the Gulch showcases 10 blazing tracks of classic Midwestern hardcore punk, the vibe of which is more in debt to the revolutionary aural offerings of the early Touch and Go and/or Version Sound labels or even Kick N' Punch Records as a slightly more modern reference than what the region has become synonymous with in more recent times. Layout by the band's guitarist Kora Puckett. 



01. Swinging Back
02. On Your Own 
03. Pressure
04. Same Cycle
05. Don't Ask Me
06. Hardcore Pt. IV
07. Attitude 
08. V.T.E. 
09. Some Nerve 
10. The Gulch
11. Dunce
12. Outro



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