LATTERMAN - Our Better Halves (7")

LATTERMAN - Our Better Halves (7")

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“Usually after a band breaks up, a rarities compilation, a clearance sale of sorts, follows. In Latterman’s case, there’s only a one song, one-sided seven-inch. According to the band, there is only one true rarity left in the vault, a previously unreleased track called “Our Better Halves.” Originally recorded for a compilation that never came to fruition, the song was pressed on a seven-inch for Latterman’s string of reunion shows as a special gift for fans.” Black vinyl. Self-released pressing of one song on 1-sided 7”. * Unplayed new vinyl copies w/ wrinkled covers! Leftover copies gotten from band. Limited supply, once they’re gone that's it.

• One-sided 7”


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