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NERVOSAS - Self-Titled (2XLP)

Let's Pretend Records

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Nervosas is a punk band out of Ohio that plays a barrage of crazy jams that sound like a perfect middle ground between goth and post-punk. From the onset of the first track "Moral Panic," the listener is flung into a weather system of ultra fast riffing and drum hits, all the while both vocalists harmonize and scream about living in a moral panic. The song is absolutely furious in its delivery, but doesn't give up any ground in its melody or rhythm. From there the pace changes up a little on tracks like "Night Room" and "The Well" which inject pop sensibilities into the storm of a record. The record has all the elements you'd want on both sides of the post-punk coin. There's the restrained moments in songs like "Quarantine," that build up a mood and tempo, and then the explosive nature in choruses like "Parallels." What more could you want? —NOISEY



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