MIMES, THE - Plastic Pompeii (LP)

MIMES, THE - Plastic Pompeii (LP)

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Formed at the beginning of the government-issued mass quarantine as a result of the Covid-19 virus, Cincinnati’s The Mimes found solace in the shut down. As a group of friends living in the same building, as well as sharing a practice space/recording studio, it only made sense for them to utilize their newfound abundance of time together as a creative outlet. What started with simple jam sessions followed with dreams of what an interactive art collective could look like in the current pandemic, eventually turning into a full-fledged album complete with a collection of as many music videos they could make themselves. While each member has always kept a solid root of DIY ethos, their attempts to be as mindful and safe as possible left them no other option but to completely do-it-themselves, offering a uniquely intimate sound and image.

Stuck somewhere between the absurd, poppy, and nostalgic, the Mimes are found hopping styles from song to song. It’s not clear if this is a result of the group’s varied influence, or its ethos of noncommittal instrument assignments. The record opens with a chalky pop piece that resonates somewhere between the jangle of the Dead Milkmen and the melodic timbre of Beat Happening or King Kong. Other tracks include echoes of the garage bombast of the Stooges, a mod-clad dance track, a sad sex ballad and more. Lyrical topics range from suicide, civil rights, environmental neglect, fever dreams and institutionalized Catholic child abuse.


01. Cereal
02. Mockingbird
03. Hello Tokyo
04. Ugliest One There
05. Cold Decay
06. Knob
07. Pete
08. David Mann
09. Day 23
10. Heirloom Sins PT. II
11. Plastic Pompeii

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