NEW STANDARDS MEN - Spain's First Astronaut (CASS)

NEW STANDARDS MEN - Spain's First Astronaut (CASS)

Snappy Little Numbers

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Imagine reading Naomi Klein’s Shock Doctrine during a solar flare. That’s basically the deal with New Standards Men. Drew Bissell and Jeremy Brashaw are the two constants of the Denver, CO psychedelic noise rock combo. They are often joined by collaborators Bob Bucko Jr (BBjr) and Ike Turner (OUT, Minutes) on recordings as well as live performances, which at times adds elements of drone, sludge and even, god forbid, jazz. Originally released in April of 2020, New Standards Men’s latest LP, “I Was A Starship”, is now on its second vinyl pressing with the help of Snappy Little Numbers Quality Audio Recordings. The LP was recorded at Flat Black Studios with Luke Tweedy (William Elliot Whitmore, Closet Witch, annalibera) behind the boards, and mastered at Third Man Mastering by Warren Defever (His Name Is Alive). To add some flair (flare??) to the momentous occasion, a two-part improvised companion composition recorded during those same album sessions, “Spain’s First Astronaut”, is being released for the first time on cassette with new art provided by the incomparable Ethan Lee McCarthy (Many Blessings, Primitive Man).



Side A
1. Spain’s First Astronaut I

Side B
2. Spain’s First Astronaut II


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