NIGHT COURT - Humans! (LP)

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Striking a wild balance between embracing the spirit of inspiration and abandoning the strictures of inhibition, Vancouver, BC’s Night Court is set loose to draw new/glue repurposed maps over the post/pop/punk/lo-fi rock landscape. Wanting to travel light, the band decided to write only good songs with no unnecessary weight, leaving concentrated grooves of distorted/indelible catchiness in their wake. Where’d they find that sound? It gets everyone so excited!



01. What’s It Like To Be A Bat, Man?
02. Clearcut
03. Ladder Ambition
04. Fuck Art School (And Other Clichés)
05. Chokehold vs. Karate Kicks
06. Dead Tomorrow
07. Garage Full Of Secrets
08. Predator
09. Unicorn
10. Robot Brain
11. The Same
12. So What?
13. Out Of Control
14. Outta Sight
15. Zero Or Hero?
16. SOS

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