NO MEN - Hell Was Full So We Came Back (CD)

NO MEN - Hell Was Full So We Came Back (CD)

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Recorded by Doug Malone, JAMDEK Recording Studio
Mastered by Carl Saff, Saff Mastering
Loud music from Chicago since 2015. No Men is Pursley (vocals, drums), DB (bass), and Eric H. (drums). No Men are the opposite of yes men. Equal parts 69, 420, and 666. One bass, dual drums. No "guitar rock" allowed. Sorry boys.
"HELL WAS FULL SO WE CAME BACK" is the sophomore full-length effort from Chicago noisemakers NO MEN, an album full of unrelenting sound and fury that embraces all things heavy. This is an album that doesn't stay in one place for long and drags you with it. From the breakneck thrash of tracks like "EVIL" and "UNINVITED" that might invoke sonic comparisons to Motorhead, Lightning Bolt or Rocket from the Tombs, to moody slow burners like the Morricone-tinged "WHEN I'M DEAD" and anthemic "SUCKER", NO MEN explore an eclectic and electric palette of sounds. Fuzzed-out bass and crushing drums provide the backdrop for Siouxsiesque vocals alternating between sultry and seething, with lyrics touching on all the usual themes of frustration, depression, heartbreak, and righteous indignation that goes with living in 2019 America. Hell doesn't sound so bad after all.


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