NOISY NEIGHBORS - Self-Titled (7" EP)

NOISY NEIGHBORS - Self-Titled (7" EP)

Night Animal Records

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Head bashing debut EP from this Texas GRINDCORE two-piece. For a two-piece this thing sounds huge. Like Minotaurs picked up instruments and learned to grind. All go-no slow, guttural vocals, precision blasts, thrashin’ riffage. Classic grind sound while still sounding new. 10 tracks of one to two minute songs on a 7”. Just straight pummel from the second the needle hits the record.

For fans of: Noisear, Brutal Truth, Discordance Axis, PLF, Insect Warfare, Haemorrage, Phobia, Pigsty.



01. Caffeinated Demise
02. Stolen Valor
03. Dead Weight
04. Bone Spurs
05. Dirty Bastards
06. Pain Olympics
07. Blood Blister
08. Sick and Starving
09. Sex Worker


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