OFF WITH THEIR HEADS - Calm/Collected (2XLP)

OFF WITH THEIR HEADS - Calm/Collected (2XLP)

Anxious and Angry

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So “Calm / Collected” is a way for me to get 2 out of print records back into the world in one swift move. It’s both “Won’t Be Missed” and “Character” all in one package. Since the pandemic hit right when “Character” came out, we never got to tour around on it. So that’s what we are up to! –Ryan Young



01. Be Good
02. Always Alone
03. Take It Away
04. Kiss It Away

05. Disappear
06. You Will Die
07. Severe Errand
08. Speed Of Love

09. Clear the Air
10. Old Man
11. Eyes of Death
12. Stolen Away
13. Jackie Lee

14. Start Walking
15. Go On Git
16. Just Want You to Know I Hope You All Die
17. Don’t Laugh


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