OLD GROWTH - Under the Sun (CD)

OLD GROWTH - Under the Sun (CD)

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Portland Oregon's Old Growth gives "Under the Sun" as their second full length. It continues the conversation, as band name and cover suggest, of embracing the beauty our flawed origins have given and filtering out the intolerance as best we can so we can return to them without remorse. It is a voice illuminating the pavement and the creation we all continue to have made. It offers light on classic subjects of troubled love, work, habit, time and more importantly the topic of rejuvenation through exposure to natural light and things not constructed by machines. This is no hippie bullshit. Yes punks, connection to nature is the answer. Musically the band carries on with more decisive punk rock'n'roll drive this time still with catch and southern lens. "Under the Sun" is the salve to a double worked under fluorescent lights and a crack in the wall to see your way out of there. --Rich



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