PENNY - S/T (12" EP)

PENNY - S/T (12" EP)

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Penny is the premiere punk band of Avenue C in the Lower East Side, NYC.  A hard-hitting mix of eating chips and eating candy, Penny is part friends and part family.  Penny writes songs about the personal toll of the dystopian nightmare of human interactions in the new millennium. Penny was formed in 2018 from members of Fleaspoon, No One and the Somebodies, 2009, Rock Paper Stupid, Rude Mechanical Orchestra, and Fake Blood, and is featured on the Rivington Street Music Studios Wall of Fame.

This is the debut record from Penny. “Untitled,” AKA “Self-Titled.” Give it a spin! 12 inches in 12 minutes. Fuzzy, fizzy, thumpy, and bumpy. ABC No Rio meets CBGBs and wakes up on the Tompkins Square Park playground. According to Brooklyn punk band HELLO NURSE, it “sounds like the Muppet band if they didn’t have to play for the Muppets.” Songs about dead friends and nice nights, apologies and yeah rights. For fans of Flipper, Bikini Kill, Limpwrist, The Raincoats, Fuzzzone, Hickey, 50 Million, and The Dog that Bites Everyone. The essence of decay is the icing on the cake. Throw us in the Fountain. We are one cent.



01. Through Your Window
02. Nice Night 
03. Let It Die
04. Yeah Right
05. Apologize 
06. Dead Friends  
07. We Are Penny
08. Moral Without Meaning 


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