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First recorded in 2006 ... done in two sessions. The first was in Olympia Washington at Dub Narcotic by Calvin Johnson, in the old warehouse with the classic '50s graffiti on the back wall, 2-inch tape analog ... our van got towed right before the session, causing a huge delay, and our tour mates the Can Kickers from New London Connecticut had a van completely breakdown, thus it led to them being at the session with us. Founding member Bradley Williams was also there, touring as a one man band (Almighty Do Me A Favor, or ADMF) and he played washtub bass on the songs that Matt Bakula played his banjo. The Can Kickers can also be heard all throughout the record, most noticeably on such tunes as “You’re Gonna Need Somebody On Your Bond,” where Danny Spurr harmonizes and plays his five string banjo. Lastly, Stolen Pony, a young anarchist folk group from Leitrim Ireland, were with us too because they also were touring the West Coast ... this led to the collaboration on the old traditional “Raggle Taggle Gypsy.”

After the tour, we went to the Black Owl Trading Co with our old doctor, Lynn Bridges and in one evening crushed another 20 songs or so. It was a magik night to say the least. Songs from this session comprise half of the Ghost Dance record, half of the Evening Star record, and the Gypsy “Moon Pie” record, as well as a slew of singles and songs in various compilations.

K released the record in 2007. It went through a few pressings, before coming back to Arkam.



01. Spirit of 1812
02. For Every Glass That's Empty 
03. I Never Thought the Day Would Come When You Could Hate Me So Dearly
04. Say Something, Say Anything
5. St. Louis Blues 
6. Phantom Rules
7. When You Fall
8. Death by Stereo
9. Garden of the Dead
10. Whisper in the Dark 
11. You're Gonna Need Somebody on Your Bond 
12. Catfish Angels 
13. St. James Infirmary Blues 
14. Cuckoo Bird
15. Columbus Stockade Blues
16. Walk-in Talking Dead Man
17. Ol White Thang Blues
18. Raffle Taggle Gypsy
19. Leo O'Sullivan's Story
20. Wake Up


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