PINE HILL HAINTS, THE - The Evening Star (LP)

PINE HILL HAINTS, THE - The Evening Star (LP)

Arkam Records

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Out of print recordings, as well as a batch of unreleased material from the "Ghost Dance" sessions recorded at the Black Owl Trading Co. Contains the Razorcake/45 RPM 4 song e.p. as well as cuts from the Spidder "Long Sputhern Train" e.p. and the "Darktime Came to the Hills" 7" on Sunburst Records that is out of print. This record is dominantly the official haints lineup, with Ben Rhyne on snare, Matt Bakula on bucket bass, Katie Kat on mandolin, saw, and washboard, and James the Fang on guitar and fiddle. some tracks feature Micheal Posey on accordion, and others have John Lucious. A solid, fine example of the band as its best.



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