PINE HILL HAINTS, THE - Those Who Wander (CD)

PINE HILL HAINTS, THE - Those Who Wander (CD)

Arkam Records

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An early, dynamic, and total jump blues variation of this Nashville Tennessee outfit. An amazing lineup of players are featured here. Col JD singing and blowing the harmonica, Joe Buck on Bass, the unreal Chris Scruggs (BR-549) playing the guitar, and Chris Detlaf on drums. This a document of the band when they were unknown, hungry, and playing from the heart 7 days a week on Lower Broadway Street in downtown Nashville at the Bluegrass Inn.



01. You Will Never See the Morning
02. Merry Widows of Joe Cain
03. My Heroes Have Always Been Wolves
04. Don’t Wait for the Strong Men to Carry You to Church
05. I Ride An Ol’ Paint (Traditional)
06. All My Rowdy Friends Are Dead
07. Last of the Natchez Shakers
08. Where the Soul of Man Never Dies (Traditional)
09. Ol Suzannah/Camptown Races (Traditional)
10. I Never Will Be There (Travis Hightower)
11. If You Don’t Keep Score You Will Never Lose
12. Goodnight Irene (Traditional)


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