PSYCHIC BAOS - Pig Sphinx (LP)

PSYCHIC BAOS - Pig Sphinx (LP)

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Psychic Baos started out in 2006 as a just for fun no rules recording project, looking to uncover the shiftiest sounds that had yet to be discovered. Through many experiments harnessing vibrations, public and private, time and circumstance drove it into being more of an actual living band. As the sands of life swirled around, they shaped us into the aural hot mess of damaged minds rock and roll band that we are today.

Pig Sphinx is a continuation of our original desires to explore outrageous sounds laced with rump moving beats, served hot with a sonic dirge side salad, resulting in what we hope to be a fantastic meal for you and those ears of yours, but why stop there? Don’t rule out putting the speaker directly on your stomach, and really feel our jams as well. Great for when you are sleepy and do not wish to be, this needle wrecking hopeful will keep your eyes wide and mind in tune with wild!



01. Die Live Die
02. Nothing Really Matters
03. Know It All Blues
04. Sneeze Machine
05. Mis Pulmones Estan Quemados
06. Grab the Day in the Face
07. Doughnuts
08. Chopstick Bells


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