REARVIEW RHONDA - Glutton for Bad Energy (CD)

REARVIEW RHONDA - Glutton for Bad Energy (CD)

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Stefanie Rhonda started the Bloomington, In rock/punk band Rearview Rhonda in 2019. The band has 2 prior EPs available on digital streaming. Rearview Rhonda is a collaborative project with Stefanie Rhonda on bass and vocals, Zac Rhonda and Greg Rhonda on guitars, and Ty Rhonda on drums.

With “Glutton for Bad Energy”, Rearview Rhonda calls on influences rooted in 90s era indie and punk rock. The album’s themes center around the struggles of everyday living and the relationships experienced along the way. Scream it out on a bad day, sing it on a good day.


1. Tell Your Dog I Said Hi
2. About Time
3. Just a Diversion
4. Selfless, Not Selfish
5. Give Up the Ghost
6. Disconnect
7. Endless Loop
8. Catapult
9. Detour


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• Art by Ryan Dunn


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