CRUMBS, THE - Last Exit                             (LP)

CRUMBS, THE - Last Exit (LP)

Recess Records

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k. Um. Er, this was supposed to be out 2 years ago. I had what the industry calls "cover delays". Big time! I'm ugly, You're pretty ok! Enough of the negative, lets get on with some positivity here! TKO Records,who put out the cd version of this ON TIME(!!),sez "Miami, FL's, the CRUMBS formed out of their love for the RAMONES, '50s Rock n Roll, and an excessive habit of coffee, alcohol and additional inspirations of the DEAD BOYS, the PAGANS, CRIME, the STOOGES, the MC5, and other pre-1977 punk acts. The CRUMBS break over three years of silence with Last Exit, their fifth studio album and latest release since 2000's "Out Of Range." Recess kinda agrees,but would like to add that the covers are hand screened and that these are limited cos i dont wanna go thru that fiasco again!
Comes in really awesome black vinyl!

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