SCHEDULE 1 - Schedule 1 (12" EP)

SCHEDULE 1 - Schedule 1 (12" EP)

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Schedule 1 delivers your contraband in four equal measures. Created in the Pacific Northwest by students of the Old World. Post-punk mixed with influences in Oi, Hardcore, Emo, cut with hard-hitting melody, clarion declaration, and laced with bittersweet. The band started right before Covid went on lockdown and somehow managed to record an incredible batch of songs without ever having the benefit of playing a show.

Featuring members of Bishops Green, Dead Cells, Candy (BC) and Systematik.

FFO: Red Dons, The Wipers, The Estranged, Criminal Code, New Order, Blitz



01. Show Your Children
02. Another
03. Five Hundred to One
04. Sacred Light
05. Paint it Red
06. Invaders


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