SCOOTER JAMES - We Bend b/w Dear Friends (7")

SCOOTER JAMES - We Bend b/w Dear Friends (7")

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Not only is Scooter James Golden, CO’s favorite son, Denver, CO also claims him and for good reason. Scooter would form the legendary Pinhead Circus in 1992 and for the following 10 years, Pinhead Circus helped put Denver on the map in the growing world of punk rock. They were the band from down the street and the guys at your party - regular people that did incredible things when making noise together. 4 albums (3 with the pioneering BYO Records out of LA) and numerous EP’s showcased a timeless band that spread the idea that anyone could start a band for all the right reasons- friendship, community, self-expression and joy.  After Pinhead Circus, Scooter helmed Love Me Destroyer. LMD was a fine band in it’s own right, but it was his next project, Tin Horn Prayer, that found Scooter in the element that fit him best as he became a little older and a lot wiser. Tin Horn Prayer was like an outlaw Americana band with punk roots.  Snarly and tough, yet tuneful and honest. This is where Scooter reshaped his voice and his relationship with music that set him up to now be a solo artist. Scooter solo is snarly, tough, tuneful and honest like Tin Horn Prayer but with a much more hopeful disposition. Scooter has known triumph and tragedy on a variety of levels, but he now sounds fully at peace and happy with what he’s doing. It just so happens that he’s still doing great things and sharing them with all of us, from right down the street, like the first time we met him.



01. We Bend 
02. Dear Friends 


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