YISS - Self-Titled (CASS)

YISS - Self-Titled (CASS)

Starcleaner Records

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The origins of Yisss go back to 2013 when two non musician screenwriter brothers, Brandon and Phillip Murphy started running into musicians Chris Pappas (Elle Belle) and Jon Pancoast (Beat Club/Tampa) at their mutual friend's parties in Los Angeles. The four hit it off in an assortment of "non musical" ways, but their eclectic tastes for experimental music and punk rock quickly surfaced as a result. What began as writing songs drunk at parties turned into actually writing songs and making records and performing at shows and parties. There was no genre or style restrictions, but over the course of two years of writing and playing everything from bizarre parodies of Roxy Music songs to traditional New Orleans music it synergized into the tracks here that were recorded in the living room of Phillip's house in Venice Beach this past Summer.



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