SEWER TROUT - Meet the Sewer Trout (LP)

SEWER TROUT - Meet the Sewer Trout (LP)

Dead Broke Rekerds

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Legendary 80’s Sacramento California punk rock band, Sewer Trout, composed of brothers Hal and Jim MacLean and guitarist Keith Lehtinen, has always been the goofy band of the Lookout! Records bunch, standing out for their rejection of the punk stereotype. False noses? Presidential campaigns? Innumerable belches? Sewer Trout had it all. Once you go past the surface level, you will find a trio of highly skilled musicians playing some of the most complex and blistering music Lookout had to offer in the beginning. Songs like “Paradise Lost” and “ I’m A Hypocrite” show a more sensitive and poignant side of Jim’s lyricism dealing with the honest state of the world. Dead Broke & Lavasocks are thrilled to be bringing the complete works of Sewer Trout. An outstanding outlier in the Lookout catalog for all the best reasons. RIP Jim MacLean.



01. Wally and the Beaver Go To Nicaragua
02. Sex Trout
03. People Like Me
04. President of the Anarchist Club
05. I’m a Hypocrite
06. Coors for Contras
07. Pure and Beautiful Love
08. Bang Ol’ Lulu
09. Vagina Envy
10. Sewer Trout for President
11. Que Sera
12. Holiday in Romania
13. Frieda Ripped My Flesh
14. Garbage in, Garbage Out
15. Paradise Lost
16. Rat Lore
17. Tempus Fudge-It
18. God’s Got Balls
19. Foolin’ Around

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