SLOW MOTION COWBOYS - Sun Burnt Feather (LP)

Arkam Records

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This is the 3rd release from the Slow Motion Cowboys ... its a beautiful record, and it stands drastically apart from any other Cowboy release in its intense honesty and dark nature. Exiled from the cold foggy SF bay, marooned in the border country of Las Cruces, our young hero Pete Fields continues to keep the serenade magical, reaching deep into the stars and writing one amazing song after another. It has the lonesomeness of moth flailing away in the headlights, spinning its own pattern and weaving its own holds the pleasure of worn out boots, scuffed and torn with holes, yet fitting gently on your feet as you dance another waltz with your dream lover.



01. Sea of Cortez
02. Amnesia Blues
03. Log On Fire
04. Ghost Town Waltz
05. Sirens & Shorebirds
06. So Easy
07. Stairs
08. Tiger Mountain
09. Favorite
10. New Greener Pastures




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