SOLID PONY - Collar to Cuff (CD)

SOLID PONY - Collar to Cuff (CD)

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Life it surely did eat us. Like many a band, Solid Pony shot out of the gates with an album of songs that wrote themselves. After the honeymoon was over members married (not each other), schooled, taught, captained bells, started other bands, went to Thailand; and in the midst managed to write some lovely songs, tour the US and Europe, build a studio and record themselves from 2004-2007. Maybe Solid Pony never found a proper context to share its songs, only knowing punk avenues to present itself also knowing its sound was not quite fitting, but more a sort of Pollard-like construct pointing to indie pop and acoustic numbers. No matter, this is the second album and we love it. Now as we are masticated just a little more, Lenny is in DC set to start grad school at American; studio is disassembled and band is even less prolific. but don't worry, there is a (7") single for "Collar to Cuff" on the way.


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