SPELLS - Stimulants & Sedatives (LP)

SPELLS - Stimulants & Sedatives (LP)

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SPELLS is back with their second proper studio full length, Stimulants & Sedatives.  The LP is another loose concept. For this go around, the listener can play whichever side they want first. There is no right or wrong order. The Stimulants side contains more hard-charging shout-alongs  while the Sedatives side has more melodic and fist-pumping sing-alongs. Co-released with Dayton, OH indie stalwart Rad Girlfriend Records.



01. We Can't Relate
02. I'll Never See 
03. Nose Dive
04. Reduction in Force 
05. The Matador 
06. Down Every Road 
07. We've Arrived
08. Sick & Tired (of Being Sick and Tired)
09. West of Syracuse 
10. Break Out
11. I'm Sorry I'm Not Sorry


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