STATE DRUGS - Explosions On the Radio (CASS)

STATE DRUGS - Explosions On the Radio (CASS)

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Chris Kuhn has been writing, recording and playing shows with a rotating cast of players under the moniker State Drugs for nearly 8 years. Based in Denver, CO, they’ve steadily gained more attention with each new release and deservedly so. State Drugs make no apologies for their love of 90’s alt-rock, the kind that would be found in MTV’s Buzz Bin or on 120 Minutes. The thing that sets State Drugs apart is that Chris cut his teeth in the Baltimore hardcore scene. The melodies have that punk edge that drives the songs into your brain. Chris has had a steady lineup with State Drugs for nearly 3 years now and the sound has filled out even further with a range of influences that the other members have brought in. The power-pop-punk delivery remains strong and they now have more elements of60’s-70’s rock that balances well with all the indie rock charm that permeates the latest State Drugs material. Their latest EP, “Explosions On The Radio”, is further proof of the upward trajectory of the band. The best part is that we can listen over and over and there’s still more to come.



1. Don’t Be Afraid
2. Explosions On The Radio
3. Restless Mind
4. The Twelve
5. Xmas 17

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