STATE DRUGS - Parade of Red Flags (LP)

STATE DRUGS - Parade of Red Flags (LP)

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After a split single (with SLN labelmates ZEPHR) and the “Explosions On The Radio” EP in 2022, Denver, CO’s State Drugs got right back to work and came up with yet another great batch of punk-influenced, 90’s-inspired alternative indie rock that is definitely their catchiest yet. “Parade Of Red Flags” shows the band in a more collaborative state with a tighter focus on instrumentation. Those iconic vocals are still there of course, but now there are more backup vocals that really highlight the strong melodies on this latest album.


01. Marathon To The Red Light
02. Crash Entry
03. Yep
04. All Can Hate
05. Stronger Than
06. Let’s Never Quit
07. Sleepless Mess
08. Weird Way
09. Calm Apps
10.Magic Words
11.White Rabbit

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