SCIATIC NERVE - Self-Titled (LP)

SCIATIC NERVE - Self-Titled (LP)

Anxious and Angry

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These days it’s hard to finda new punk rock band that respectfully continues the
sound a generation grew up listening to, while pushing their own identity in fresh,
unexpected directions. Listening to Sciatic Nerve, expect to hear the sound that

made you fall in love with punk rock in the first place — minute long bursts of dan-
gerous rock n' roll that come heavy, fast, high in energy, and low on bullshit. The

music is hard, but also melodic, creative, and fun.
In a time when many aging punk rock musicians have either become comfortable
writing less inspired records, or have settled into their solo acoustic careers, the
members of Sciatic Nerve have done the exact opposite: they have written the

fastest, heaviest, most dynamic record they could think up. The experienced musi-
cians in this band decided to start a band without restrictions on their sound other

than to be creative, heavy and to write music that’s fun to play.

• Baby Pink colored vinyl.

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