STONER COP - Government Shutdown (LP)

STONER COP - Government Shutdown (LP)


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There is a little piece of history that is unknown to most mortals. A long time ago the ancient alien god E.T. made a spark when they stabbed and twisted a cold froster thus initiating the Big Bang and creating the mortal universe. Unlike goddesses and gods mortals lives are always at challenge and once in awhile whole civilizations lives are challenged at once. This is where the story of Stoner Cop begins in March of 2020 at the start of a global pandemic threatening the human population of Planet Earth. Two friends and roommates Danny Lou and Kid Kevin were locked down in their house in San Pedro, CA just like the rest of the planet. E.T. appeared to both of them in a hallucinogenic trance, E.T. whispered to both to tell the current stories of the people of Earth through music and video. E.T. then handed Kid Kevin a green knife and a cold froster and chanted the words STAB, TWIST, CRACK, OBLIVION, leaving the two of them the last phrase spoken was “Shotgun Kev, Honor Thy Sword.”  Shotgun Kev was born and stories were shared world wide, opening minds and third eyes through shotgunning beers and song. Shotgun Kev and Danny started writing and sharing the songs of the people in punk fashion recording them one by one in their lockdown cell called home, all while battling the government trying to shut them down. The results are a 12-inch record with 10 one minute songs and a 12 minute dub version b side of the reggae inspired “Apocalypse Generation.”  Stoner Cop’s LP “Government Shutdown” tells the story of the people of Earth from March - July 2020. Stoner Cop is and always will be extraterrestrial.

Stoner Cop on this recording is Danny Lou and Kid Kevin
Mixed and Mastered by Tito Hagler (Guitar on "Silent Cop")
Stoner Cop Dub by Tito Hagler
Recorded at Stoned House San Pedro, CA (March 2020 - June 2020)
Cover Art Jamie Morrison


01. Stab Twist Crack Oblivion
02. Government Shutdown
03. Stay Home
04. Touch My Face
05. Safety Committee
06. Talk Rocker
07. E.T. Baby
08. Toilet Licker
09. Apocalypse Generation
10. Silent Cop
11. Stoner Cop Dub


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