SWEARIN' - Fall into the Sun (CASS)

SWEARIN' - Fall into the Sun (CASS)

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Swearin’ is:
Jeff Bolt
Kyle Gilbride
Allison Crutchfield

Swearin's return to being a band again. Their 3rd full length. Sounds like Swearin' when they got 5 years older.

Recorded by Kyle in various makeshift recording studios in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Los Angeles, California

Produced by Swearin’

Mastering by Dave Gardner at Infrasonic Sound in Los Angeles, California


01. Big Change
02. Dogpile
03. Grow into a Ghost
04. Margaret
05. Stabilize
06. Untitled (LA)
07. Treading
08. Oil and Water
09. Smoke or Steam
10. Anyway
11. Future Hell

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