SWIM TEAM - Self-Titled (LP)

SWIM TEAM - Self-Titled (LP)

Let's Pretend Records

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Cincinnati, Ohio’s Swim Team are vacillators who will gush

about the Yeah Yeah Yeahs before spilling their beer on

you and asking someone to put on KISS. Candidly

unapologetic, Swim Team creates deranged earworms that

draw you in and spit you out.

Beginning as a love-struck duo between Lillian Currens and

John Hoffman, the project quickly outgrew itself to

become a blown out four-piece, enlisting an aggressive

rhythm section with similar roots in the DIY scene at the

heart of their Northside neighborhood.

Their self-titled debut album (initially released on cassette

by Infinity Cat Recordings, now on vinyl by Let’s Pretend

Records) breezes through 12 self-recorded, brash and

intimate songs that explore complex relationships, embrace

vice, and spurn the attention of “idiots.” In under 30

minutes, Swim Team takes listeners on a dynamic ride

where the softest tracks feel like welcome breathers in a

blitz of unadorned insight and restless thrash pop.

500 records pressed in all. 200 on clear vinyl with pink

splatter and 300 pressed on black vinyl.



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