TAXI GIRLS - Coming Up Roses (CASS)

TAXI GIRLS - Coming Up Roses (CASS)

Dirt Cult Records

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Taxi Girls is a high-energy rock trio hailing from Montreal, Canada. Comprised of three talented and fierce ladies - Jamie, Vera and Lynn - this band is quickly making a name for themselves with their unique brand of punk rock that blends the classic sound of the Ramones with the fiery spirit of the Muffs and a dash of Verruca Salt.

Since forming in 2022, Taxi Girls have quickly gained a dedicated fan base with their electrifying live shows and infectious hooks. Their debut EP, "Coming Up Roses," will be released in July of 2023 on Wild Honey Records (vinyl, Europe) and Dirt Cult Records (cassette tape, USA)



1. After Effect
2. Sunshine
3. Good Grace
4. Hands Off
5. Stay With Me



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