STUPID DAIKINI, THE - Everything Is Fine (LP)

STUPID DAIKINI, THE - Everything Is Fine (LP)

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The Stupid Daikini is a little thing, a tiny little sound, bursting with passion and heartbreak, and overflowing with love and sadness. Everything Is Fine is the band's debut album, now available on vinyl for the first time since its initial release in 2015, Ten tracks of pure emotion delivered by a simple yet fierce three-piece band by way of drums, bass, ukulele, and impassioned vocals sure to evoke emotion in anyone with a heart, broken or otherwise.



01. AA
02. 5150
03. Watch Your Back
04. Anger Management
05. Nightmare
06. Henrenee
07. Daddy Issues
08. Rock Biter
09. GFY
10. Baby 


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