TOUCH, THE - Saved By (LP)

TOUCH, THE - Saved By (LP)

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The Touch was founded in 2016 by Ernest Mahoney, after dissolving his project Mahoney & The Pliers. They would go on to record and release their debut full length the following year, “Cold To”. Though the album saw little acclaim, its endorsement from the punk community is noteworthy. Produced by and also featuring Jerri Queen and Jon Hoffman of renown Cincinnati punk outfit Vacation. With features also from Evan Wolf (Vacation), Jen Shagawat (Shellshag), and Tony Bogdanowicz (The Switzerlands, Rolling Stony, The Little Richards). “Cold To” The Touch saw a physical tape release via Starcleaner and Cat Dead Details Later Records.

After a lineup change in 2019, The Touch began working on their sophomore album “Saved By”. This time produced by the band themselves at their headquarters, Bonfire Nation, in Mansfield, OH. “Saved By” released digitally October 28, 2022 and had a collaborative vinyl release on March 17 via Lets Pretend Records - Starcleaner Records - Wolfbatz Records - Bonfire Nation Ltd - Henry Screen Printing



01. God
02. Pocket Surfer
03. Squeeze
04. Dad
05. She
06. Alleys
07. Straight Shooter
08. B-Day
09. My Mahoney
10. Janitor


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