THEE OPEN SEX - White Horses (CASS)

THEE OPEN SEX - White Horses (CASS)

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(Thee) Open Sex Music comes from a decade-long practice of reductive composition and improvisation. The group has encompassed over 20 artists lurking around punk and experimental music circles, interchangeably shifting from minimal tape purr, Hypnotist Beat, and proto-punk textures. 
The most consistent participants, guitarist and sound tech John Dawson (Magnetic South Recordings) and percussionist Tyler Damon (Damon/Dorji Duo, Circuit des Yeux), anchor the two side-long pieces on White Horses with their evolving language of repetitive form. They are joined by Ben Lumsdaine (Call and Response House Band, Spissy), Mark Tester and Landon Caldwell (both of Creeping Pink and Burnt Ones) whose electronic pianos hover overhead and dissipate into colored vapor.



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