V/A: STATE DRUGS / ZEPHYR - Split (7")

V/A: STATE DRUGS / ZEPHYR - Split (7")

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State Drugs - State Drugs make no apologies for their love of 90’s alt-rock, the kind that would be found in MTV’s Buzz Bin or on 120 Minutes. The melodies have that punk edge that drives the songs into your brain. State Drugs has had a steady lineup for nearly 3 years now and the sound has filled out further with a range of influences that the other members have brought in. The power-pop-punk delivery remains strong and that balances well with the indie rock charm on ‘Mr. Untitled’, the song on their side of a new split 7” with labelmates ZEPHR.

ZEPHR - Heart-on-sleeve punk rock from Denver, Colorado. ZEPHR began on a whim between three buddies, much like many other bands. But then that thing happened where it all clicked and they quickly became more than the sum of their parts. Each member contributes passion and ability in unison, and the result is nothing short of joy. You can hear it in their songs, and you can see it in their smiles when they play. On their new split 7” with State Drugs, ZEPHR presents ‘Land Line (J’ai Une Ãme Solitaire)’, a song with jagged power and melodic precision. It’s soon-to-be-classic ZEPHR with its anthemic and intimate disposition. It’s another step up for a band that aims high.



Side S
STATE DRUGS - Mr. Untitled

Side Z
ZEPHR - Landline (J’ai Une Ãme Solitaire)


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