V/A: VACATION / R. RING - Split (7")

V/A: VACATION / R. RING - Split (7")

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R. Ring “Likable”
Much like the lament of a once-loved but now neglected skate ramp in a back yard weathered by seasons year after year, R. Ring’s “Likeable” is the slow-motion introspective look at the self while life moves around in hyper speed. It admits its flaws and recognizes its imperfections and in fact owns them in the end boasting “I consider myself very likeable”. The trio of voices, Mike Montgomery, Laura King and Kelley Deal are the lilting wheels that have skated this familiar ramp, which over the years has been their source of wisdom and respect, despite the many spills along the way.

Vacation “White Nose Syndrome”
In a vacuum: sailing away from the Goldilocks-zone of yesteryear and into the cosmic unknown. Rock and Roll outfit Vacation return with a final visceral rocket boost of earthly familiarity before the long journey into the vacuum of the future. The first two minutes of the song are the engine bursts needed to exit the atmosphere and then the listener is left weightless and free in the vastness of space.Lyrics for the song were provided by Dylan McCartney and were inspired by the band’s visit to the ancient tunnels of Mammoth Cave and the pandemic greatly affecting the bat population called White Nose Syndrome. “White Nose Syndrome was making all the bats meet their doom / leaving nothing but ant-eaters sniffin’ round the room”, recalls the frustrating reality of those who take more than they need while others are suffering.



R. RING “Likeable”
VACATION “White Nose Syndrome”


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